ALOE dichotoma (10 s)
ALOE dichotoma (10 s)
ALOE dichotoma (10 s)
ALOE dichotoma (10 s)

ALOE dichotoma (10 s)

Author: Philip Miller 1768
Family: Aloaces
Habitat: NAMIBIA
PACK OF 10 GRAINES minimum
One of the most beautifull
Imported seeds. 2023
Our seeds are guaranteed collected the year of the sale.
We give no guarantees about their germination or the purity of the seeds we buy.
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Exposure: bright and sunny and rather fresh
Temperature: minimum of 5°C (winter growth but poorly defined)
Soil: not too rich but mostly well drained and rather acidic.
Sow in terrine covered with a glass plate. Keep the substrate slightly moist and aerate regularly. Be careful the mushrooms appreciate these confined temperatures so it will be necessary to watch out for them not to grow. A seed treatment before sowing can be considered as well as once the seeding is done.
Keep it at 25°C with good lighting (add a decorative light as needed)
Our seeds are freshly harvested and often tested, some species can be germination long and difficult and even, sometimes, germinate after a year. A 100% germination rate is exceptional and is only valid for a few varieties


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