Pierre ponce (pumice)

PIERRE PONCE FINE 0/2.85 mm (4l)


Average pumice 0 to 2.85 mm no washed



BE CAREFUL, WE NEVER SEND PUMICE STONE WITH A PLANT ORDER! Its weight would catapult the package and could cause the plants to crash. So the order is only made for the product itself. NO ORDER WILL BE VALID IF IT MIXES PLANTS AND PUMICE STONE. Thank you for your understanding


In the cultivation of succulent or hard-to-reach plants, it has appeared in recent years that pumice stone is one of the most valuable elements to keep alive varieties that, until now, were impossible to preserve. Pumice or Pumice may not be the panacea, but it can no longer be overlooked in our cultures. Compared to the pouzzolane, also of volcanic origin, pumice has an undeniable advantage: in winter, when conditions become unfavourable to excessive watering, it will dry out much more quickly allowing to have a substrate always well ventilated, while the pouzzolane may remain moist for a long time ... We use it in almost all of our blends.

It can be used in a number of ways:

pure for the recovery of plants that have just been received and which have travelled with bare roots

mixed with soil, when plants have resumed and for species that do not support pure pumice (there are some)

- finely sifted for seedlings, in full, in surfacing.

We sell it in a bag of 4 liters of 0.5 to 2.85 mm washed granulometry. Recommended for seedlings or young plants and/or small-rooted plants

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